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NeoBanking at its best.
Wallet Accounts, Cross Border Transfers, Virtual Cards, Payouts and more

Payment Solutions that Power Local and Cross-Border Commerce

OmniUPS supports 65+ currencies in 200+ countries. Providing seamless, secured and simple ways to make payments using Cross border transfers, Wallet - Wallet Transfers, Bank Transfers or on merchant sites with International virtual card.


Load your wallet account with seamless payments using multiple payment options in 200+ Countries


Transfer to bank accounts, wallets, cards in 200+ Countries and 65+ currencies

International Virtual Card

Shopping, Entertainment, Business or Travel - Enjoy seamlessly with an International Virtual Card.


Wallet Accounts




Virtual Cards



Increase Engagement with a Localized Wallet Experience.

A globally scalable white-label wallet that empowers your users’ financial lives.

  • Multi currency wallets.
  • Load wallet balance with local currencies and payment options.
  • Make payouts to developers, vendors, merchants using cross border transfers.
  • Issue branded international virtual cards to your customers.

NeoBanking Wallet solutions that empower your customers to transact globally with a secured, always online and robust network available in 200+ countries and 65+ currencies. Commerce made simple.

A Wallet Platform Built for Local Commerce.

Expand beyond a card-based wallet to gain flexibility and global coverage.

Create a personal financial hub for your users.

The Global Payments Network supports a range of wallet services including bill pay, cash withdrawal, cash load, funds transfer, and more.

Wallet Key Features

  • Enable accounts and sub-accounts for customers, sellers and partners. Backed by Rapyd’s global technology infrastructure and locally regulated entities and partners.
  • Hold balances in 65+ currencies and enable FX services for users.
  • Manage wallet accounts and sub-accounts. Transfer, add, and remove funds between wallet and sub-wallet accounts.
  • Combine Rapyd’s Collect, Disburse and Issuing APIs or add-on additional third-party services to drive additional engagement on your platform.

Fraud Risk and AML Monitoring Engine

Safe, secure, and compliant – enabling commerce on a global scale.

Anti-fraud and AML monitoring from device/SIM fingerprinting and user scoring. Rapyd monitors hundreds of lists for KYC, AML, CTF, and sanctions. User data and transaction information is tokenized and encrypted. User identity is verified and tied to legally compliant documents.


Our Great Team

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Chief Executive Officer

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Product Manager

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Amanda Jepson



Start empowering users around the world

Extended License

$1499 / Onetime

  • All Standard Features
  • Business Wallet
  • Multiple Sub Virtual Cards
  • Charge Service Fees
  • Charge Fx Fees
  • Charge Virtual Card Fees
  • Charge Non Usage Fees
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • One Domain / Account
  • Installation Free

Ultimate License

$2500 Contact Us

  • All Extended Features
  • Addon KUDA Bank Integration
  • Design Customisation
  • Secured Servers Setup
  • Multiple Domains / Accounts

Note: You will need the Rapyd api credentials from Rapyd.net


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